The Lapidary Lemur

Musings from Brandon Weaver

The Transcendent Turtle

To many, Minecraft was a gateway drug to the world of technology. Redstone was a novel idea that let us experiment with some circuitry, make traps, and in general create more dynamic things. It’s great for the basics, and a lot of fun to work with, but the interesting thing about it is that you’re already starting to program by using it. Why not take it a step further? Computercraft gives you the power to jump into a full programming environment inside Minecraft using Lua.

A Burgeoning Blog

Why do people bother to blog? Very few must have anything truly breathtaking to say, at least not to the caliber of other writers already out there. I get it, it’s intimidating to publish when there’s already so much good content out there already. There’s always a fear of looking the fool, saying the wrong thing, or otherwise just doing a poor job of it. So why should you even bother?

Sanctimoniously Self-Made

In this industry, and especially in American in general, we place great value on being a self-made person. Beating the odds, overcoming adversity, and coming out on top. I fear that such an attitude is extremely toxic for one key reason: there’s no such thing as being self-made.