The Lapidary Lemur

Musings from Brandon Weaver

About Me

My name is Brandon Weaver, and I work as an Infrastructure Automation and DevOps Engineer at Sony Network Entertainment Int’l in San Francisco.

In off hours I’m a Musician, an Artist, a Comicker, a Writer, an Athlete, and whatever in the world happens to have caught my interest this week. I’m an avid polymath aiming to try a bit of everything in life.

What do I do?

Ruby, Rails, Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS, Clojure, and a tinge of Elixir on the side.

What experience do I have?

I have LinkedIn for that one: Brandon Weaver on LinkedIn

Why do you do?

Hacking about is my passion. I’ve always got multiple project ideas that I want to give a shot, and a notebook full of them. I love to create, to build, to make things that help people.


Ping me on Twitter @keystonelemur or shoot me an email at

I’m currently very happily employed, and do not wish to speak with recruiters at this time.